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AKC - Lucy's Loyal Dynamo, JH (LUCY) OFA Chic# 124791 A.K.A UKC- CH Parkhurst's Mytrange Dela Fame


AKC - CH Labyrinth N Illusion O God She's Smokin @ Parkhurst JH (LAVA) A.K.A UKC- GRCH Oh God She's Smokin @ Parkhurst


AKC -Parkhurst's "A Touch Of Spice & Everything Nice" JH (Cinnamon) A.K.A UKC - CH Parkhurst's A Touch of Spice


AKC - Parkhurst's Final Offer, Deal or No Deal? (Shady) A.K.A. UKC GRCH Parkhurst's Final Offer D/ND?

Past Litter (no future litters currently planned)

Lucy's Litter


  Lucy had a very healthy litter. Half were wh/org -org/wh & half were wh/liver-liver/wh. All our puppies did exceptionally well during the time spent with us. Every puppy was bold, extremely friendly and were just outgoing. Each had their own special quality about them once you got to know each one. The greatest reward was seeing the puppies leaving to wonderful families who truly care & believe in this breed. 

Future Litters

There are possibilities of a litter in the distant future. However, we will not be having any litters in 2019. 


Happy Britts - #1


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Parkhurst Brittanys


About Us


My husband was the first to become familiar with the Brittany. He owned several during the heydays (late 70's early 80's) of upland game bird hunting in western NY. To hunt that era and reflect, it's sad so many will never experience that past. Yes, back then you could work a small field and have your bird limit. He worked with many pointing breeds and flushing breeds but the Brittany was his favorite. He says one of his worst days is when he left for the service and turned his two Brittany's over to his hunting buddies. Today, we currently have two Brittany's at home. We are located on a private family owned 80 acre shooting preserve. Our Brittany's are well exercised and trained on a regular basis. Brittanys can adapt to different living situations; the key is keeping them active and excercised. An active Brittany; is a happy Brittany the way we see it. Currently, we are focused with junior handling (with our boys) and field training our dogs during the season.


Junior Handling

An important aspect of the AKC, UKC and other organization are the junior handlers. They are the ones that will move up the ranks and guide the sport of dog showing into the future. It is really a beneficial sport for these young people, you can see before your eyes how fast they mature. There are several ways to get started in the sport. (attending classes, 4H, mentors etc.) Assistance can also come from all breed type exhibitors; most of these folks offer great advice. Surround yourself with well grounded positive exhibitors. Most importantly, just do your best and enjoy showing your dog.


Lets not forget

The Brittany is a great breed. They have the temperament and drive which really makes them the dual dog they are. I would point out though, they have a high energy activity level which may not suit everyone. Proper conditioning is a must for Brittany's that are truly going to be worked. Keeping sight of their primary purpose and function must remain first. Our #1 goal is the preservation & betterment of the breed.